Élan is the preferred builder for Living Edge showrooms nationally. For the new split-level designer furniture outlet, “living office,” and function space inhabiting a repurposed warehouse, Élan introduced warm natural wooden elements to the hard-edge concrete and white masonry setting.

The sun-drenched lower level showcases premium residential brands. Expansive yet fittingly light and streamlined Oak display cabinets (customised editions of Élan’s popular Grid unit) animate the walls with artfully arranged products. Further softening the otherwise minimalistic bones of the building is a large raised Oak stage with integrated steps that introduces an elevated focal point upon which lounge settings are showcased.

Upstairs, the “living office” concept is demonstrated most aptly via open-plan work settings and display areas featuring Living Edge’s commercial ranges. Élan also custom-built a fully functioning kitchen and bar for the company’s regular events. Streamlined American oak benches and cupboards gently flow into floor to ceiling paneling concealing a pantry and storage space. It’s ‘hero’ feature is an exquisitely crafted wooden cellar wall with a gliding ladder. Jewel tones glint from individually back-lit angled racks with delicate brass finger pulls for each displayed bottle. Animating the kitchen’s honeyed wood tones, the cellar wall creates a social focal point for the  entertaining area.

Another feature on this commercial floor demonstrating Élan’s meticulous style is the showroom for premier flooring company Tongue n Groove.



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