The folded planes of this home’s brick, Abodo timber and steel façade are manipulated internally via hardwood and quartzite joinery elements with the dexterity of an origami master to create a compelling interior typology.

Informed by the exaggerated external geometries of the home, contrasting scales and materials offset the monolithic density of the exposed charcoal bricks within. Elemental sculptural features include the kitchen’s visual anchor – its island bench. Incorporating the honey-hued hand-finished Victorian Ash that clads the entrance walls concealing streamlined storage, plus a sweep of cabinets and open shelving throughout the home, it too comprises angled blades. Cloaked in a crisp envelope of Negresco Quartzite from CDK Stone, it’s mass is disguised by the thin dark frame with feathered white veining.  A slim-line pendant hovers above, subtly re-enforcing the horizontal planes and minimalist restraint of the surrounding joinery including Polyurethane cabinets stained black to complement the oxidised steel bracing the windows and doors.

This fusion of synthesis and modularity is also expressed in the guest bathroom where Verde Fusion green marble infuses the linear tile work with restorative vitality, creating a Nordic freshness with the floating timber vanity. Also sourced from CDK Stone, a marble slab of organic pebbled grey patternwork underpins the linear perfection of the joinery above in the music room, relieving its density.

Additional sculptural joinery elements include an oversized geometric handle on the floor to ceiling cupboards lining the hallway plus the asymmetrical timber and Negresco Quartzite staircase bracing. Comprising an open corner to shelve books (akin the kitchen island’s return) plus enclosed cabinets and display surfaces, its acute and obtuse angles ease the enclosing properties of a customary wall. In other rooms, integrated timber storage/seating hugs a corner as does a study nook combining the sweeping curve of a desk.

Within the master bedroom, a custom rounded Klein blue felt bedhead embraces richly grained Walnut side cabinets, introducing a warmer timber element. Vertical baton detailing above the wardrobe doors further tether the internals to the decorative external slatted screens.


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