Élan jumped at the opportunity to design the interior of a restaurant and bar located in a 3rd Century Diocletian Palace in Split, Croatia.

Recognised as the city’s prized meeting spot for intellectuals in its hey day, and more recently as prime real estate, the redesign required modern international appeal that didn’t detract from the historical bones of the building nor its extensive courtyard area.

Taking inspiration from Carlo Scarpa’s Castel Vecchio, raw materials were used including hand-sanded and oiled American oak molded into slats and banquette backrests to create soft curved seating in contrast to the austere refinement of the stone palace. An undulating energy enlivens the space via warm wood tones employed for the bar service area and grid shelving through to the European oak tables of varying heights and dimensions.

The sheen on Élan’s hand-crafted feature brass shelving, floor to ceiling wine racks and brass-clad reception station together with customised brass lighting by Lambert & Fils enliven the rhythms at play whilst adding a warm patina to the conjoined spaces.

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