Front of house, an undulating ribbed wooden wall sets the scene for the premium interior offering residing behind it within Morningstar’s office in Barangaroo’s Tower 1.

The floorplan comprises a mix of open work areas, collaboration zones and private meeting pods nestled behind curved glass walls. All are unified by Élan’s immaculately crafted dark timber furniture plus joinery elements – a tonal signifier of prestige and professionalism – and honed with an artisanal energy that mutually celebrate the independent investment research company’s elevated offering.

Most striking is a 10m long boardroom table created from solid American Walnut tethered by butterfly joints reminiscent of George Nakashima’s seminal work. Adding a modern adaptation, the gap is wide enough to accommodate AV cabling that can connect to floor conduits. Echoing this design feature incorporating elongated voids are the entrance foyer’s solid timber benches with parallel rods attached to them with wooden dowels, granting them an elegant weightlessness. Scattered amongst them are Élan’s custom Screwed solid wood tables with tulip-style bases.

Relieving the linear tension of floor to ceiling dark shelving and storage units are circular solid timber Rock Maple tabletops in breakout areas. Set upon lightweight grey powder-coated steel bases, they enable layout reconfigurations based on project needs and specific tasks at hand.


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