Despite its narrow footprint (just 3.7 metres wide), a sense of openness is created through the incorporation of high ceilings, skylights, streamlined joinery and integrated space-saving solutions within this new residential build.

The pairing of solid American Oak floors and low gloss white Polyurethane joinery concealing storage space creates a smooth, uninterrupted flow throughout the ground floor’s linear plan that extends boundary wall to wall within the kitchen and dining area. The connecting lounge areas sunken level is aligned with the courtyard and plunge pool, its oversized sliding glass door seemingly extending the house’s internal geometry. Anchoring this family area, soaring Smoked Oak carpentry (concealing a wet bar behind cabinets and shelving) provides a visual contrast to the blonde timber elements and silky white, lightly veined Fiandre porcelain tiles in kitchen. The dichotomy of these raw and refined elements add textural depth within the tight minimalist frame.

Space-enhancing solutions feature prominently. A compact sitting room by the entrance doubles as a guest room where furniture can shift to permit a bed to appear from the dark timber joinery wall. Its pivoting door creates privacy when required, yet expands the room’s boundaries when utilised for entertaining. Saving space that might otherwise be taken up by walling, the timber stairs to the upper level are framed by an eight-millimetre steel divider (as is the staircase in the garage/studio abutting the courtyard).

Upstairs, custom Oak joinery clads one bedroom’s lower walls, incorporating seating beneath an over-scaled dormer window, whilst in the main bathroom appears seemingly carved from milk-white marble. The oversized Fiandre porcelain tiles with energetically charged diagonal powder grey veining create the allusion of expansion beyond the anodised aluminium black Agape fittings. Additionally, the vertical gait of the timber slats on the façade of the garage and study adjoining the courtyard draws the eye upward and back towards the block’s boundary line.

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