The guiding philosophy for this stylised penthouse apartment refurbishment overlooking Sydney Harbour was to imbue the space with beautifully crafted materials that immediately imparted a sense of gravitas.

The design has a theatrical quality, taking a cinematic cue with its play of shadow and light upon hard surfaces articulated by the meticulous fluted timber detailing, the deep glow of the panelled American Walnut joinery and the sheen of the veined white marble. As the owner is an art director, stylist and avid importer of vintage Italian furniture and lighting, a curatorial narrative informs the fitout.  Crisply executed – from hand-finished kitchen cabinetry with an inbuilt bar to ensuite joinery and floating bedroom wardrobes that masterfully serve as room dividers without blocking the water views and natural light – entering the apartment feels like stepping into a film set where only the essential (though exquisite) elements are thoughtfully included.



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